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Genuine Toyota Parts

We have an extensive selection of Toyota parts available for a range of models and years. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly wreckers can help you find the unique used car part you require. We dismantle hundreds of damaged, inoperable or old cars each day and re-sell quality working parts.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Used Toyota Parts

Consider these tips for getting more value out of your used car parts:

  • Determine from where you will purchase used parts: To ensure you get quality used parts, do your research and buy from a trusted dealer. Wrecking yards are one of the best places to buy used car parts as items are usually removed in good working condition before the vehicle is scrapped or recycled. You will also get a part for an affordable price.
  • Ensure you buy the right part: Take the time and make sure that you purchase the correct part to match your car’s specifications. If you are unsure what you require, you can bring in your part, and our friendly wreckers can help you source what you need.
  • Know the sellers return policy: Before purchasing a used part, ensure you understand the seller return policy. We have a 15-day return policy for wrong or defective parts provided they are in the same condition as when sold and have the original packaging.

What You Can Expect from Auto Plus Wreckers Regarding Toyota Car Parts

Our professional and experienced wreckers help you source the used car part you need through:

  • Eco-friendly wrecking: Our wreckers are highly experienced and have extensive training to remove parts from wrecked cars in the best way possible. We thoroughly inspect cars before wrecking and remove every working part to ensure it is sold in the best condition. We also minimise the effects of hazardous toxins going into landfills through our wrecking process.
  • Excellent customer service: We help you find the part you need through our easy-to-use website search tool. You can enter the make, model and year of your car to discover what parts we have available. Alternatively, if you cannot find what you require then we will take the time to source it for you.
  • Quality, genuine parts: We sell only items that are in good working order for a reasonable price. Our wreckers source and sell genuine used car parts through the careful dismantling of the vehicle.

About Auto Plus Wreckers

We provide quality used parts to help you get your car back in good working order. Our range of available parts exceed 18,000 items, and if we don’t have what you require then we will try to source it from our trusted contacts. We are committed to eco-friendly wrecking and minimising the exposure of harmful toxins into the air that can come from disposing of cars. Our business is fully licensed and insured, and we have the latest equipment and tools for dismantling cars. Contact us today for genuine and quality Toyota parts.

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