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Light Up the Road with Parts From Your Subaru Headlights

When your Subaru headlights begin to fade, Auto Plus Wreckers carries replacements parts so that your vehicle is ready for that night on the road. Poor visibility at night is a recipe for disaster. And when one light is fading, you can assume the other one is close behind. Therefore, changing both bulbs avoids any potential mishaps on the road.

Tips Regarding Subaru Lights

There are three types of lights for your Subaru. Your owner’s manual lists which lights are compatible with your car model and if you can interchange them.

  • Halogen lights use iodide and bromine gases that prevent the tungsten filament from breaking or blackening the inside of the glass. Halogen lights are low-priced and easy to replace; however, they are not energy-efficient and may have a shorter life span than LED or Xenon lights.
  • LED lights work by converting electricity into light through diodes inside the headlight. They are more energy-efficient and can last longer, but they tend to run more on the expensive side.
  • Xenon headlights are similar to ordinary light bulbs, except they are brighter and more intense. They can last up to ten years, but they are not as energy-efficient.

Studying the pros and cons of each type of headlight will help you choose the quality parts from our inventory. We have operated our store for two years and know how to find parts to suit you. Once installed, your headlights will sit behind the Subaru panel so that you’ll be ready to drive into the night in safety.

The Importance of Subaru Headlights

Headlights are an often-overlooked component when you are maintaining your car. It’s essential to troubleshoot headlight problems and find the highest quality car parts to remedy the situation. Here are ways to solve some headlight issues:

  • If one headlight isn’t working, it is usually the result of a burned-out bulb. Purchase two bulbs and replace the right and left ones so that they emit consistent light.
  • It is unusual for both headlights to go out at the same time, but if they do, check the wiring. It could also be a fuse or a relay.
  • When your headlights consistently appear dim, you may have foggy lenses. Replacing the lenses may solve the issue. If they appear to dim at various times, you should check your charging system.

Why Trust Auto Plus Wreckers Regarding Subaru Lights

The cars we purchase are usually inoperable. But with every damaged or wrecked vehicle, many parts within the car are in excellent working condition. We take pride in selecting the highest quality parts. We have over 18,972 car parts. If you can’t find the part you need, contact us, and we’ll find it for you. We are located in Welshpool and Maddington.

Auto Plus Wreckers’ one goal is to ensure you find the parts you need for your Subaru headlights. Whether you want to replace your current headlights or upgrade to higher quality, look to us for all your needs.

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